Photography Portfolio

young girl with scarf in front of black background
  • Two men sitting at a bar in Toronto.
  • A skybridge in downtown Toronto with spiraling glass sides
  • Young boy in baseball cap
  • young girl with scarf in front of black background
  • Girl sliding down the snow on her stomach in white jacket and green scarf.
  • black and white photo of young girl with curls.
  • young boy sledding with border collie dog jumping beside him
  • Senior portrait of a boy with checked button-down shirt
  • young boy with mohawk smiling against a black background
  • Cabin with blue roof and it's reflection in a pond
  • blue mountain light with pond in front and silhouetted trees
  • boy watching fireworks at night in downtown St. Louis
  • people walking in front of moving carousel with the Disney Castle in the background at night.
  • Hogwarts Express train in the station at Universal Studios.
  • Junkers watch with brown band and brownie camera in the background